Synonyms for Insinuate:


mince (your) words, convey, obliqueness, hedge, skirt, propose, parry, evade, get at. instill, horn in, work in, infuse, push, dash, maneuver. enter, foist, work, worm, wind, edge. show. insinuate (noun)
adumbrate, intimate.


force one's way into (verb)
infiltrate, introduce, horn in, infuse, work in, insert, instill, interpose, inject, foist.
hint (verb)
hint, imply, refer, suggest, intimate, allude.
hint, suggest (verb)
imply, refer, allude, intimate, propose.
infuse (verb)
insert (verb)
embed, infiltrate, pierce, inject, inset, interpose, intrude, introduce, lodge, implant, penetrate, insert.

Other synonyms:

foist. worm. enter
work in.
Other relevant words:
parry, show, work in, propose, edge, horn in, infuse, maneuver, wind, adumbrate, instill, convey, worm, evade, push, skirt, work, hedge, foist, dash, obliqueness, enter.

Usage examples for insinuate

  1. Do you mean to insinuate that I paint? – Molly Bawn by Margaret Wolfe Hamilton