Synonyms for Bonds:


agreements (noun)
acceptances, assents, accords, agreements, understandings, accessions, arrangements, pledges, covenants, concurrences, concords, consents, concordances, pacts, Treaties, settlements, deals, stipulations, compacts, contracts, capitulations, promises.
connections (noun)
correlations, links, Affinities, Associations.
fasteners (noun)
ties, clinches, spikes, agents, Ligaments, braces, cleats, stitches, pins, hasps, Sutures, connectors, binders, laces, hawsers, guys, grapnels, Middlemen, anchors, rivets, buckles, belts, strings, cinches, fasteners, latches, locks, bands, clamps, go-betweens, Clips, Buttons, hooks, welds, closures, mediators, brackets, media, cinctures, bolts, fastenings, cotters, clasps, cements, snaps, Vinculums, hinges, knots, skewers, rabbets, straps, seals, catches, threads, fuses, brads, bindings, tacks, nails, zippers, braids, stays, chains, Glues, twines, staples, vises.
guarantees (noun)
Securities, Warranties, tokens, Oaths, Insurances, assurances, liens, Certifications, deposits, affirmations, countersignatures, Guarantees, safeguards.
junctions (noun)
splices, affiliations, annexations, weddings, adjacencies, conjunctions, abutments, attachments, couplings, juxtapositions, Marriages, meetings, consolidations, affixations, junctures, junctions, amalgamations, synergies, mergers, alliances, Branches, joints, relationships, connections, jointures.
monies (noun)
promissory notes, wallets, bills, balance sheets, Currencies, monies, profits, bank notes, pounds, issues, coppers, IOUs, notes, drafts, ways and means, bankrolls, nuggets, swags, stocks, wads, coinages, money orders, dollars, greenbacks, fortunes, Incomes, cashes, funds, proceeds, ingots, purses, coupons, assets, checks, receipts, treasures.
promises (noun)
vows, engagements, mutual agreements, obligations.


attaches (verb)
juxtaposes, weds, adheres, marries, binds, attaches, clings, annexes, Couples, connects, Affixes, relates, sticks, abuts, merges, hitches, joins, fastens.
guarantees (verb)
ensures, assures, vouches, certifies, affirms, countersigns, insures, secures, warrants.
joins (verb)
consolidates, allies, affiliates, amalgamates.

Usage examples for bonds

  1. I went among the planters, offering to buy tobacco from the coming harvest, and to pay for it in bonds which could be exchanged for goods at my store. – Salute to Adventurers by John Buchan
  2. Joan was panting, the knife that had cut his bonds still open in her hand. – The Flockmaster of Poison Creek by George W. Ogden