Synonyms for Links:


connections (noun)
bonds, relationships, Affinities, connections, attachments, Associations, junctions, correlations.
fasteners (noun)
fuses, latches, hooks, Clips, anchors, brads, cotters, go-betweens, tacks, straps, hasps, skewers, strings, binders, Middlemen, spikes, buckles, hinges, bindings, stays, cinctures, snaps, hawsers, guys, cements, splices, twines, catches, laces, bolts, mediators, braids, belts, fasteners, Sutures, brackets, knots, welds, cleats, pins, connectors, hitches, chains, threads, media, bands, clamps, nails, staples, Ligaments, clasps, Buttons, fastenings, zippers, grapnels, vises, Vinculums, ties, stitches, braces, closures, rabbets, locks, cinches, couplings, agents, rivets, clinches, seals, Glues.
golf (noun)
bunker, caddy, bogey, ace, backswing, bogie, birdie.
golf course (noun)
divot garden, public course, country club, greens, club course, cow pasture, FAIRWAYS, spinach plot.
golf links (noun)
golf course.
links (noun)
golf links, golf course.
sequences (noun)
concatenations, trains, series, courses, successions, sequels, subsequences, consequences, processions, arrangements, lineages, progressions, linkages, LINEs, Legacies.


fastens (verb)
fastens, binds, Knits, tethers, Couples, plaits, lashes, bastes, connects, weaves, sews, zips, Pastes.
sequences (verb)
sorts, arranges, succeeds, concatenates, ranks, aligns, progresses, sequences, orders, lines up, follows, queues, arrays.

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Other relevant words:
golf links, golf course.

Usage examples for links

  1. It is one of the divine fires which tests us; suffering links us to the great brotherhood. – There was a King in Egypt by Norma Lorimer
  2. The Warden links his arm with the Inspector, and they walk toward the yard door. – Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist by Alexander Berkman
  3. Do you think I shall fail to discover those missing links – Lady Audley's Secret by Mary Elizabeth Braddon