Synonyms for Stocks:


categories (noun)
series, species, steps, stripes, Categories, Classes, Families, Genera, Grains, Phyla, Varieties, Styles, Castes, Classifications, Forms, Genotypes, LINEs, Races, Strains, Taxonomies, levels, brands, ranks, sets, grades, orders, sorts, types, labels, stamps, designations, degrees, clans, breeds, denominations, feathers, kinds, molds, peoples, persuasions.
handles (noun)
braces, brakes, pulls, triggers, shanks, cranks, doorknobs, handles, knobs, lugs, spindles.
merchandises (noun)
effects, goods, produce, wares, Cargoes, Inventories, Commodities, articles, staples, merchandises.
monies (noun)
assets, funds, proceeds, profits, receipts, wads, ways and means, Currencies, Incomes, checks, bonds, fortunes, balance sheets, notes, drafts, bills, treasures, issues, IOUs, pounds, bank notes, bankrolls, cashes, coinages, coppers, coupons, dollars, greenbacks, ingots, money orders, monies, nuggets, promissory notes, purses, swags, wallets.
portions (noun)
lots, parts, stakes, Halves, Quanta, shares, Budgets, Measures, cuts, allowances, divisions, sectors, zones, commissions, interests, partitions, splits, slices, parcels, portions, rations, segments, allotments, chunks, percentages, pieces, proportions, quotas, bits, compartments, dividends, fractions, helpings, members, subdivisions.
properties (noun)
belongings, grounds, real estate, Legacies, Territories, Properties, Resources, principals, lands, empires, holdings, kingdoms, possessions, realms, wealths, domains, chattels, titles, estates, farms, fixtures, inheritances, manors, ranches, realties.
property (noun)
punishment device (noun)
ax, birch rod, block, cane, captivity, cowhide, electric chair, gallows, gas chamber, gibbet, guillotine, iron, jail, lash, maiden, noose, pillory, prison, rack, rawhide, rod, rope, scaffold, solitary confinement, stake, strap, switch, thong, thumbscrew, torture chamber, truncheon, whip, whipping post, bull whip.
punishment devices (noun)
Axes, Canes, Pillories, Prisons, racks, straps, whips, switches, blocks, rods, maidens, lashes, birch rods, bull whips, captivities, cowhides, electric chairs, gas chambers, gibbets, guillotines, jails, nooses, rawhides, ropes, scaffolds, solitary confinements, thongs, thumbscrews, torture chambers, truncheons, whipping posts.
stocks (noun)

Other synonyms:

n. t.
pillory, wares, whipping post, shares, bonds.

Usage examples for stocks

  1. He lost the stocks – The Comstock Club by Charles Carroll Goodwin
  2. Of these, in America, there are now ten more or less cultivated either for fruit or for stocks – Manual of American Grape-Growing by U. P. Hedrick
  3. 331. " Let's be no Stoics, nor no stocks I pray." – The Grammar of English Grammars by Goold Brown