Synonyms for Burdens:


hindrances (noun)
obstructions, complications, Frustrations, entanglements, blockages, dampers, barriers, disadvantages, Inhibitions, entrapments, deterrents, oppositions, restrictions, blockades, restraints, impasses, cul-de-sacs, obstacles, stoppages, hurdles, interruptions, constraints, impediments, hindrances.
penalties (noun)
chastisements, disciplines, fines, Penalties, deductions, encumbrances, Punishments, discounts, corrections, drawbacks, Judgments, retributions, handicaps, abatements, forfeitures, Premiums.
punishments (noun)
tortures, confinements, persecutions, Agonies, sentences, payments, anguishes, crucifixions, Prices, incarcerations, afflictions, verdicts, revenges, distresses, reprisals, executions.


hinders (verb)
bars, dams, stops, thwarts, blocks, chokes, obstructs, constipates, resists, impedes, plugs, snarls, catches, hinders, snags, restrains, drags, jams, congests, checks, paralyzes, entangles, detains, impairs, crimps, clogs, stays, bungs, Cramps, baffles, constrains, entraps, fetters, frustrates, interrupts, deters, tangles, opposes, inhibits, restricts, cripples, curbs, hamstrings, counters, hampers, brakes, mires, complicates, fouls, Delays, bottlenecks.
penalizes (verb)
deducts, abates, chastises, penalizes, judges, encumbers, forfeits, punishes, corrects.
punishes (verb)
castigates, crucifies, lambastes, confines, chastens, keelhauls, afflicts, imprisons, Pillories, incarcerates, executes, tries, reprises, agonizes, persecutes, avenges.

Usage examples for burdens

  1. And as Marcella took some of her burdens from her, Miss Harden kissed Marcella's cheek with a sort of timid eagerness. – Marcella by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  2. For all burdens there are compensations. – The Brass Bowl by Louis Joseph Vance