Synonyms for Organ:


device, back office, customer services, means, divisional, acquisitions, departmental, desk, tool, way, medium. apparatus, entrails, organic, guts, chamber, cavity, canal, gland, innards. broadsheet, back copy, back issue, comic, brochure, Melodeon, back-number, biweekly, compact, musical instrument, comic book. rag, cervix, cervical, cojones, beaver, bits, bollocks. division, department, branch, wing, agency, part, arm. intermediary, instrumentation, instrumentality, mechanism, agent, mean, instrument. chronicle (noun)
instrument (noun)
means (noun)
means, tool (noun)
device, instrument, periodical, way, newspaper, publication, medium, part, agent, agency, journal, review.
musical instrument (noun)
harpsichord, bassoon, saxophone, tenor saxophone, French Horn, English Horn, fiddle, harmonica, horn, electric piano, cello, oboe, banjo, trombone, electric guitar, clarinet, viola, classical guitar, keyboard, violincello, piccolo, alto saxophone, drum, guitar, harp, bass, recorder, piano, flute, trumpet, violin.
musical instruments (noun)
bass guitar, barrel organ, balalaika, air guitar, accordion, bagpipes, baby grand.
organ (noun)
electronic organ, pipe organ, electric organ, reed organ, harmonium, Hammond Organ.
publication (noun)
circular, propaganda, broadcast, commercial, gazette, newspaper, announcement, handbill, dissemination, report, journalism, advertisement, review, promotion, notice, newsletter, journal, bulletin, post, publication, herald, newsmagazine, periodical, promulgation, brief.
wind instrument (noun)
pipe organ.

Other synonyms:

Hammond organ
Hammond Organ.
instrumentation, canal, entrails, means, musical instrument. guts, instrumentality, cavity, mechanism, instrument, innards. department, chamber, apparatus, organic, agency, intermediary, agent. medium. branch. part. arm. division, wing. mean. harmonium
harmonium, Melodeon.
Other relevant words:
brochure, means, medium, electric organ, chamber, cavity, departmental, innards, instrumentality, guts, wing, apparatus, comic, desk, entrails, rag, Hammond Organ, pipe organ, biweekly, branch, acquisitions, intermediary, compact, broadsheet, agent, accordion, part, beaver, department, harmonium, tool, way, balalaika, cojones, organic, electronic organ, device, bagpipes, cervix, bits, reed organ, canal, mechanism, division, instrumentation, agency, cervical, mean, instrument, divisional, musical instrument, gland, bollocks, arm, Melodeon.

Usage examples for organ

  1. The Organ was silent. – Johann Sebastian Bach by Johann Nikolaus Forkel and Charles Sanford Terry
  2. It only wanted an organ to accompany him. – The Chronicles of a Gay Gordon by José Maria Gordon
  3. She says it's such a nice place, and such beautiful organ and singing at church! – Friarswood Post-Office by Charlotte M. Yonge