Synonyms for Baptize:


immerse, dip, go by, regenerate, dunk, name after, answer to, asperse, number off, purify, call after, sprinkle. benediction, anthem, call down, dub, catechism, celebrate, the Book of Common Prayer, denominate, name, baptism, amen. entitle, style, call, title, words, specific, term, designate. baptize (noun)
baptise, christen.


initiate in church rite (verb)
denominate, asperse, purify, dip, name, christen, immerse, regenerate, title, sprinkle, entitle, dub, call, term.

Other synonyms:

call down, baptism, catechism, name after, immerse, answer to, the Book of Common Prayer, call after, number off, benediction, amen. dub, denominate, name, celebrate. entitle, go by. designate. call. title. name
name, title.
Other relevant words:
catechism, christen, regenerate, dip, amen, sprinkle, asperse, denominate, purify, term, dunk, benediction, title, designate, call, specific, name, immerse, baptism, celebrate, style, words, dub, entitle, anthem.

Usage examples for baptize

  1. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire. – Men Called Him Master by Elwyn Allen Smith