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store (noun)

warehouse, corncrib, bin, depository, safe, cupboard, storeroom, stockpile, archive, vault, armory, hayloft, lumberyard, emporium, closet, market, locker, store, grocery, crib, storehouse, accumulation, supermarket, depot, bank, mart, coffer, buttery, granary, cellar, storage, larder, commissary, hoard, treasure, library, cache, repository, arsenal.

Other synonyms:

cubbyhole, gasometer, defense, brickworks, cannery, derrick, boathouse, cooling tower, pit, factory, armoury, boatyard, bonded warehouse, bunker, gasholder, foundry, blast furnace.

Examples of usage:

Two months earlier her life had been absorbed in simple, clear, practical ambitions: how to improve her stock- how to grow another bushel to the acre- how and when to build a silo- whether to try electrification: a score of pleasant riddles that made the hours fly. - "Harvest", Mrs. Humphry Ward.

Both on the Baron's place and at Cotswold long shelter- sheds were being erected for winter protection; and at Cotswold, whose larger size warranted the establishment of a more extensive plant, the firm had put in a small stationary engine to cut the feed, and was building a silo for the preservation of the winter supplies. - "A Tar-Heel Baron", Mabell Shippie Clarke Pelton.

In this constructive work is included a milk house, silo, stairways and sidewalks made of concrete. - "Commercialized Prostitution in New York City", George Jackson Kneeland.

Similar words:

silt, silt up, silk, silk tree, silk vine, silk-screen, silk cotton, silk screen print, silk-cotton tree.

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