Synonyms for Cove:


the English Channel, archipelago, the Channel, the depths, fishery, the Bermuda Triangle. territory, bight. body of water (noun)
pond, fiord, lake, strait, gulf, ocean, pool, ditch, bay, tank, estuary, reservoir, bayou, inlet, lagoon, puddle, well, sound.
cove (noun)
estuary, fiord, bight, inlet, bay.
inlet, small niche (noun)
cavern, bay, gulf, lagoon, retreat, bight, estuary, bayou, sound, nook.
nook (noun)
niche, recess, cranny, nook, corner, alcove, cubbyhole.
recess (noun)
retreat, cavern.

Other synonyms:

the Channel, archipelago, the Bermuda Triangle, the English Channel, bight, fishery. Other relevant words:
cavern, fishery, bight, retreat, alcove.

Usage examples for cove

  1. To ask you to meet me on the cliffs near Priest's Cove close to Cape Cornwall, to- night, would appear wrong in the eyes of the world." – Deep Down, a Tale of the Cornish Mines by R.M. Ballantyne
  2. We had but to cross a step or two of downs, when the hollow sides of the great limestone cove yawned at our feet, descending, like a broken cup, down, down to the moon of snow- white shingle and the expanse of blue- green sea. – Father and Son by Edmund Gosse
  3. Not until they were back at the cove did any of them speak. – The Flying Stingaree by Harold Leland Goodwin