Synonyms for Maelstrom:


circus, chaos, rigamarole, three-ring circus, mayhem, disarray, farce, muddle, tumult. current, course, flush, in, ebb, down, drip, flow, storm. agitation (noun)
chaos, turmoil, confusion.
disturbance (noun)
commotion, turmoil, confusion, fury.
event (noun)
whirlpool, vortex.
maelstrom (noun)
whirlpool, vortex.
whirlpool (noun)
undertow, storm, whirlpool, eddy, vortex.

Other synonyms:

rigamarole, mayhem. farce, disarray, tumult, chaos, three-ring circus. muddle, circus. ebb. current. flush, drip. flow. course. in. down. eddy
Other relevant words:
commotion, tumult, muddle, storm, flush, mayhem, ebb, vortex, fury, farce, flow, in, chaos, disarray, current, drip, eddy, undertow, course, circus, down, confusion, turmoil, rigamarole.

Usage examples for maelstrom

  1. Ward intended staying only a few days to deliver his lectures, but the whirl of the Comstock caught him like a maelstrom and he remained three weeks. – Mark Twain, A Biography, Vol. 1, Part 1, 1835-1866 The Personal And Literary Life Of Samuel Langhorne Clemens by Albert Bigelow Paine
  2. They sped away from this maelstrom of excitement into the quiet residential streets, Katherine wondering what Blake desired to see her about, and wondering if there could possibly be some flaw in her plan that she had overlooked, and if after all Blake still had some weapon in reserve with which he could defeat her. – Counsel for the Defense by Leroy Scott
  3. But when someone rose out of the maelstrom and struggled upward it was only to be knocked back by the ax, upon which, in the brief intervals between assaults, Coulter leaned contemplating the battle- royal. – The Portal of Dreams by Charles Neville Buck