Synonyms for Vinegar:


aspic, fruit, catsup, white, bouillon cube, aioli, beer, herb, raspberry, beetroot, balsamic vinegar, balsamic, malt, broth, dilute, tarragon, rice, coulis, barbecue sauce, dip, wine. condiment (noun)
condiment, horseradish, radish, peppermint, cinnamon, tabasco, chutney, leek, applesauce, seasoning, ginger, parsley, Catchup, onion, nutmeg, clove, sage, tartar sauce, pickle, chive, dressing, sauce, salad dressing, garlic, pepper, chili, relish, vanilla, spice, cayenne, thyme, mayonnaise, turmeric, dill, paprika, flavoring, allspice, salt, mustard, mint.
food (noun)
preservative (noun)
vim (noun)
vinegar (noun)

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
coulis, balsamic, white, aspic, beetroot, dilute, herb, broth, fruit, beer, dip, rice, aioli, malt, tarragon, acetum, wine, raspberry, catsup.

Usage examples for vinegar

  1. Then mingle well strong Wine- vinegar with it, so much that it be pretty liquid, for it will dry with keeping. – The Closet of Sir Kenelm Digby Knight Opened by Kenelm Digby
  2. Cook about twenty minutes, then add the sugar and vinegar – The-Suffrage-Cook-Book by Kleber, L. O., Mrs.
  3. Ain't she got vinegar – Abroad with the Jimmies by Lilian Bell