Synonyms for Banality:


stereotype, surprise, truism. banality (noun)
bromide, cliche, commonplace, platitude.
commonplace (noun)
trite phrase.
common saying (noun)
platitude, trivia, truism, trite phrase.
communication (noun)
bromide, cliche, commonplace, platitude.
mediocrity (noun)
average, commonness, mean, mediocrity, modesty, normalcy, ordinariness, routine, standard, usual.
platitude (noun)
tastelessness (noun)
blandness, flatness, insipidity, mildness, plainness, staleness, tastelessness, unsavoriness, vapidity, weakness.
unimportance (noun)
frivolity, inconsequence, insignificance, irrelevance, minutia, triteness, trivia, unimportance, triflingness.

Other synonyms:

stereotype, truism. Other relevant words:
bromide, cliche, commonplace, platitude, stereotype, surprise, truism, trite phrase.

Usage examples for banality

  1. He'll think-" Shelby broke off his conjecture to utter some banality about the moon, to drown her invocation. – The Henchman by Mark Lee Luther
  2. At this banality the prophet made a little impatient movement as though he really could not be expected to stand waiting there for ever. – The Captives by Hugh Walpole
  3. At all cost we must avoid banality – Godfrey Marten, Undergraduate by Charles Turley