Synonyms for Holiday:


escape, adventure travel, activity holiday, fiesta, getaway, honeymoon, fete, excursion, festival, camp, carnival, activity vacation, anniversary. independence day, leave, ANZAC Day, the Fourth of July, Australia Day, weekend, Columbus Day, bank holiday, arbor day, Canada Day. get away, go away, work, get off. anniversary (noun)
celebration (noun)
feast, ceremony, jubilee, ovation, elation, ritual, glee, spree, festivity, honor, joy, convocation, praise, acclamation, jubilation, proclamation, memorialization, commemoration, celebration, salute, merry-making, revelry, observance, remembrance, glorification, exultation, commencement, carousal, rejoicing, inauguration.
celebratory day; time off (noun)
festival, festivity, fiesta, vacation, jubilee, fete, feast, celebration, anniversary, leave.
inactivity (noun)
leisure (noun)
repose (noun)
inactivity, vacation, repose, rest, relaxation, furlough, ease, leisure.
rite (noun)
wedlock, service, marriage, christening, transubstantiation, sacrifice, communion, baptism, liturgy, matrimony, solemnization, rite, canon, Siddur, nones, novena, mass, evensong, confirmation, vesper, eucharist, missal, sacrament, revival, last rites, initiation.
sabbatical (noun)
time (noun)
visit (noun)


stative (verb)

Other synonyms:

excursion, activity vacation, weekend, arbor day, Columbus Day, bank holiday, festival, adventure travel, carnival, Australia Day, activity holiday, ANZAC Day, getaway, the Fourth of July, Canada Day. independence day, leave. get away. camp. escape. get off. festival
Other relevant words:
carnival, work, leave, fiesta, getaway, honeymoon, fete, escape, festival, bank holiday, camp, weekend, anniversary.

Usage examples for holiday

  1. I don't want a holiday it was all for you boys." – Burr Junior by G. Manville Fenn