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perpetuity - 53 results
Other synonyms:

eternality, sempiternity, world without end, continue, life, continuity, foreverness, everlasting, limited, eternalness, continuance.

Examples of usage:

It begins, " If any magistrate, after having concluded a public work, put his name rather than that of Our Perpetuity, let him be judged guilty of high- treason." - "Curiosities of Literature, Vol. 1 (of 3)", Isaac D'Israeli.

The Lord's day is a kind of an emblem of the heavenly Sabbath above, and it makes manifest how the heart stands to the perpetuity of holiness, more than to be found in a transient duty does. - "The Works of John Bunyan Volume 3", John Bunyan.

Their opinion of the principles of those gentlemen appears in their letter of the 28th of November, 1777, wherein they say " they cannot but express their concern that the power of granting away their property in perpetuity should have devolved upon such persons." - "The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. VIII. (of 12)", Edmund Burke.

Similar words:

perpetuate, perplexity, perpetually, perpetrate, perpetual, perpetuation, perpetrator, perceptivity, persecute.

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