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cobbler - 53 results
Other synonyms:

crust, cordwainer, bootmaker, cooper, flan, cabinet-maker, phyllo, glassblower, mince pie, deep-dish pie, electrician, shoe repairman, flaky pastry, bookbinder, carpenter, gasman, apple pie, engineer, shoemaker, pastry, choux pastry, worker, farrier, pasty.

Examples of usage:

A little hatter, and a cobbler, who had served Buonaparte when a subaltern, might have risen in the same manner, had their skill equalled the silversmith's. - "The History of Napoleon Buonaparte", John Gibson Lockhart.

" It's my belief," said the cobbler, " that he knew they were there all the time." - "The Eye of Osiris", R. Austin Freeman.

Let us wend our way to the cobbler, a sullen, taciturn man who finds his lively young wife's chatter unendurable. - "The Old English Herbals", Eleanour Sinclair Rohde.

Similar words:

cobbler's last, cobble, cobble together, cobble up, cobbling.

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