Synonyms for Dictator:


caliph, lord, wirepuller, boss, mogul, ruler, chief, nazi, magnate, person at the wheel, sachem, Simon Legree, emir, taskmaster, kaiser, slave driver, lama, czar, figurehead, master, headman, oligarch, terrorist, warlord, caesar, sheik, overlord, leader, tycoon, cock of the walk, rajah, shah, enforcer, absolute monarch, chieftain, strongman, demagogue, ringleader, lord of the ascendant, pharaoh, robber baron, sultan, disciplinarian, martinet, absolutist, commander, fascist, absolute ruler, khan, tsar, adviser, inquisitor, usurper, employer, the Establishment. nag, man on horseback, over, big brother, control freak, gatekeeper. absolute ruler (noun)
fascist, leader, usurper, disciplinarian, oligarch, chief, tycoon, boss, totalitarian, commander, autocrat, adviser, absolutist, ringleader, mogul, despot, tyrant, authoritarian, magnate, oppressor.
dictator (noun)
authoritarian, potentate.
emperor (noun)
potentate (noun)
tyrant (noun)
despot, autocrat, totalitarian, oppressor, tyrant.

Other synonyms:

slave driver, control freak, man on horseback, strongman, ruler, employer, chieftain, martinet, demagogue, big brother, taskmaster, headman, fascist. enforcer, chief, gatekeeper, figurehead, nazi. boss, nag. master. leader. trainer
Other relevant words:
demagogue, absolute monarch, chieftain, absolutist, caesar, fascist, nazi, chief, usurper, master, tycoon, man on horseback, taskmaster, enforcer, lord, magnate, disciplinarian, sheik, martinet, potentate, mogul, big brother, warlord, pharaoh, commander, ruler, Simon Legree, leader, authoritarian, sachem, absolute ruler, boss, strongman, headman, czar, employer, overlord, oligarch, ringleader, tsar, adviser, figurehead.

Usage examples for dictator

  1. " I callate that a man of parts," said Chester, " such as you be, will help us agin corruption and a dictator – Coniston, Book I. by Winston Churchill
  2. Caroline does not shout, like the Five Hundred, " Down with the dictator – Petty Troubles of Married Life, Part First by Honore de Balzac