Synonyms for Forewoman:


taskmistress, straw boss, superintendent, expert witness, foreperson, appellant, the accused, head, chief, boss, complainant, supervisor, challenge, taskmaster, the court, alibi, foreman, defendant, aggrieved, director, manager, over. operative, on the factory floor, paymaster, the shop floor, man, packer. boss (noun)
taskmaster, manager, foreman, superintendent, taskmistress, supervisor, foreperson, head.
forewoman (noun)
straw boss (noun)

Other synonyms:

taskmistress, packer, foreperson, straw boss. taskmaster, foreman, boss, paymaster. manager, operative. chief. director. head. man. Other relevant words:
man, supervisor, director, foreperson, chief, superintendent, head, foreman, paymaster, taskmistress, taskmaster, straw boss, packer, manager, boss.

Usage examples for forewoman

  1. The forewoman was always cross, but always as if she would rather not be so, as if she were being cross for a bet, and as if some one were watching her to see she was not kind by mistake. – This Is the End by Stella Benson