Synonyms for Correlation:


surround, pertain to, bear on, have something to do with something, be bound up/together, correspond, interrelate, do with, be associated with. linkage, tie in, interdependence, interrelationship, connect, hookup, interconnection, balance. agreement (noun)
connection (noun)
junction, link, relationship, bond, affinity, attachment.
correlation (noun)
correlation coefficient, coefficient of correlation, correlational statistics, correlativity.
correspondence (noun)
equating, equivalence (noun)
interdependence, interconnection, interrelationship, correspondence, relationship.
interdependence (noun)
equivalence, correspondence, exchange, similarity.
interrelationship (noun)
linkdef (noun)
relation (noun)
association, pertinence, connection, analogy, dependency, affiliation, relation.
tie-in (noun)
tie in.

Other synonyms:

interconnection, linkage, interrelationship. hookup, tie in, interdependence. balance. Other relevant words:
correlational statistics, equivalence, exchange, interrelationship, correlativity, balance, interdependence, interconnection, surround, coefficient of correlation, correlation coefficient, hookup, linkage, similarity, interrelate, correspondence, correspond, connect.

Usage examples for correlation

  1. It is equally true, however, that subjective value and exchangeability have no necessary correlation – The Value of Money by Benjamin M. Anderson, Jr.