Synonyms for Catches:


acquisitions (noun)
acquisitions, assumptions, accumulations, annexations, collections, procurements, appropriations, additions.
decoys (noun)
Blinds, Traps, tricks, baits, Deceptions, decoys, mirages.
fasteners (noun)
threads, Middlemen, brackets, binders, clamps, strings, buckles, Buttons, cinctures, belts, mediators, snaps, cements, brads, stays, braids, Vinculums, rabbets, latches, hinges, bolts, seals, links, tacks, fastenings, rivets, chains, pins, bonds, locks, media, clinches, hawsers, Ligaments, anchors, ties, go-betweens, stitches, connectors, hasps, bindings, laces, straps, cotters, splices, fuses, fasteners, skewers, spikes, knots, Sutures, closures, guys, zippers, agents, cinches, Clips, hitches, vises, nails, couplings, bands, cleats, staples, hooks, twines, clasps, grapnels, Glues, braces, welds.
hindrances (noun)
drawbacks, stoppages, impasses, blockages, oppositions, blockades, hindrances, barriers, hurdles, Inhibitions, entrapments, deterrents, obstructions, Frustrations, interruptions, complications, restraints, constraints, encumbrances, cul-de-sacs, entanglements, restrictions, disadvantages, impediments, dampers, obstacles.
qualifications (noun)
Provisos, modifications, limitations, allowances, exceptions, stipulations, qualifications, reservations, conditions, provisions.
trophies (noun)
Mementos, favors, Trophies, prizes, keepsakes, markers, remembrances, Crowns, testimonials, memorabilia, laurels, monuments, memorials, ribbons, treasures, plaques, commemorations, souvenirs, garlands, cups, Wreaths.


acquires (verb)
pockets, scores, heaps, accumulates, retrieves, lands, garners, nets, buys, incurs, adds, corners, assumes, lures, wrangles, fetches, purchases, receives, palms, claims.
captures (verb)
achieves, apprehends, gets, snares, collars, arrests, seizes, obtains, captures, occupies, secures, wins, snatches, takes, abducts, Gains.
hinders (verb)
fouls, hamstrings, crimps, dams, stops, brakes, encumbers, congests, restrains, snags, hinders, mires, bottlenecks, handicaps, complicates, chokes, detains, entraps, opposes, plugs, baffles, resists, paralyzes, clogs, blocks, drags, impairs, Delays, restricts, bars, impedes, bungs, inhibits, hampers, obstructs, jams, cripples, entangles, counters, burdens, snarls, fetters, constipates, interrupts, constrains, deters, tangles, checks, thwarts, frustrates, Cramps, curbs.
takes (verb)
procures, Levies, acquires, bags, appropriates, commandeers, annexes, deprives, grabs, confiscates, gathers, monopolizes, harvests, impounds, reaps, collects, nabs, amasses, usurps.

Usage examples for catches

  1. She catches one of them, and turning quickly, goes out through the curtain. – Six Short Plays, Complete by John Galsworthy
  2. He harbours the blackbird, and shakes fragrance into the morning; and with her blossom catches the rain and the sun drops of heaven. – The Burning Spear by John Galsworthy
  3. The window and the gate both have catches on the inside. – The Vanishing Man by R. Austin Freeman