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dopey - 161 results
Other synonyms:

muzzy, dim, confounded, thick-witted, fogged, obtuse, dunderheaded, mixed-up, senseless, knuckleheaded, wacky, stupid, thickheaded, sleepy, unsmart, on your last legs, fatuous, stuporous, fool, weak-minded, stupefied, cockeyed, slow-witted, thick, goosey, tomfool, punchy, ability, mindless, addled, dimwitted, slaphappy, arrhythmic, softheaded, gooselike, befuddled, dorky, dozy, zonked-out, pinheaded, exhausted, action, silly, befogged, soft, bewildered, weary, jerking, distracted, shell-shocked, vacuous, simple, foolish, zany, witless, addlepated, dense, dopy, bushed, spaced-out, dazed, unearthly, dippy, boneheaded, run-down, raddled, lamebrain, fatigued, muddleheaded, spacey, hebetudinous, preposterous, goosy, loopy, brain-dead, pixilated, harebrained, empty-headed, all in, punch-drunk, addle, drowsy, choppy, airheaded, chuckleheaded, unintelligent, jerky, insane, gormless, confused, lunkheaded, bedeviled, stunned, bemused, sappy, oafish, zonked, knowledge, simple-minded, lunatic, bubbleheaded, anserine, birdbrained, balmy, mad, bonehead, opaque.

Examples of usage:

We've failed to find the growing ground of this darn Adresol, and, like your father, we've had to content ourselves with a trade in the dried stuff these dopey rascals choose to hand us. - "The Heart of Unaga", Ridgwell Cullum.

He was so wrapped up in his Art that he acted Dopey most of the time, and often forgot to send out the Laundry so as to get it back the same Week. - "More Fables", George Ade.

Similar words:

doped, dopes, dopy, dope off, dope sheet, dope up.

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