Synonyms for Moonstruck:


insane (adjective)
daft, stark raving mad, mad as a hatter, unsound, loony, crackers, crazy, maniac, touched, nutty, maniacal, of unsound mind, demented, disordered, batty, brainsick, not all there, loco, crazy as a loon, cracked, dotty, sick in the head, unbalanced, mad, distraught, wrong, cuckoo, off, screwy, fruity, mentally ill, nutty as a fruitcake, nuts, bananas, around the bend, lunatic.
loco (adjective)
around the bend.


doting, head over heels, infatuated, crazy about someone, mad about someone, devoted, enamoured, in the throes of something, besotted. infatuated (noun)
foolish, lovesick.
moonstruck (noun)
insane, lunatic.

Other synonyms:

crackers, bonkers, loco, Daffy, brainsick, mentally ill, dotty, fruity, bananas, batty. demented, crazy, nuts, loony, touched, distraught, wacky, buggy, screwy, nutty, daft, unbalanced, gaga, non compos mentis, cracked, maniacal. disordered, unsound. mad. wrong. off. Other relevant words:
wacky, dotty, brainsick, crackers, maniac, unbalanced, Daffy, touched, fruity, off, nuts, demented, of unsound mind, loco, cracked, non compos mentis, loony, around the bend, mad, nutty as a fruitcake, unsound, crazy as a loon, gaga, cuckoo, bananas, nutty, batty, mentally ill, sick in the head, maniacal, screwy, disordered, buggy, distraught, foolish, insane, daft, crazy, bonkers, stark raving mad, mad as a hatter, wrong, not all there.

Usage examples for moonstruck

  1. I felt very much alone in the world, and about as cheerful as a moonstruck coyote, after those lines had rattled in my empty brain like a skeleton in the wind. – The Prairie Mother by Arthur Stringer