Synonyms for Separates:


array, coordinates, accessory, beachwear, combats, baggies, black tie, casuals, civvies, black.


alienates (verb)
Divorces, disaffects, estranges, disunites, Distances, alienates, pushes away, divides.
discriminates (verb)
discerns, discriminates, distinguishes, sets apart, differentiates.
dissociates (verb)
fragments, detaches, insulates, disassociates, partitions, disconnects, Halves, excises, segregates, disengages, uncouples, Ruptures, severs, cleaves, sunders, parts, breaks, disjoins, dissociates, dismantles, splits, rends.
diverges (verb)
veers, deflects, spreads.
divorces (verb)
splits, Divorces, disunites.
orders (verb)
sets, categorizes, methodizes, regulates, pigeonholes, groups, schemes, types, Schedules, normalizes, rates, scores, screens, arranges, devises, grades, schematizes, maintains, Rights, plans, unsnarls, unifies, designs, harmonizes, ranks, sorts, arrays, balances, charts, fixes, orchestrates, Forms, integrates, orders, controls, mediates, collates, sifts, adjusts, prepares, frames, subordinates, establishes, classifies, stabilizes, Programs, supports, composes, structures, stratifies, settles, places, Marshals, casts, rationalizes, shapes, organizes, systematizes, plots, Classes.
scatters (verb)
dislocates, breaks up, evaporates, refracts, diverges, doles, disburses, diffracts, diffuses, scatters, disorders, disperses, dissolves, radiates, distributes, evanesces.
secludes (verb)
excludes, isolates, rejects, closets, ejects, excommunicates, expels, cordons, exiles, eliminates, banishes, sequesters, confines, boycotts, ousts, secludes, cloisters, blackballs, ostracizes, extradites, disbars, extirpates, removes, deports, expatriates, evicts, blacklists.
separates (verb)
disintegrates, slices, cuts, dissects, rips, disarticulates, disaffiliates, unfixes, unglues, amputates, pares, incises, Axes, disassembles, bisects, unhinges.

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Usage examples for separates

  1. These words will be clear to those who have been around artists and who know what a distance separates them from the most enlightened amateur. – Cosmopolis, Complete by Paul Bourget Last Updated: March 3, 2009
  2. That, mademoiselle, ' I continued with fervour, 'is the stream which flows between us and separates us; and I know of but one stepping- stone that can bridge it. – Historical Romances: Under the Red Robe, Count Hannibal, A Gentleman of France by Stanley J. Weyman
  3. And so it is now, the veil is very thin which separates earth from heaven, the temporal from the Eternal. – The One Great Reality by Louisa Clayton