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Other synonyms:

ahead, when, Hera, hither, over here, by, whenever, within reach or call, apart, before, after, on board, across, on hand, around, last, enrollment, audit, attendance, present, attend, in this direction, on deck, on this spot, absenteeism, in the flesh, entrance, board, sometime, about, along, enroll, in the face of, then, hereabouts, absence, down here, until, beyond, presence, on the spot, this, up here, drop out, bodily, right here, all, availability.

Examples of usage:

How do you s'pose he got here?" - "Dead Man's Planet", William Morrison.

You saw Evanthia here to- night?" - "Command", William McFee.

But it's not operatin' here.... - "The Mysterious Rider", Zane Grey.

Similar words:

over here, hera, herb, ride herd on, Herb Bennet, St. Barbara's Herb, under her nose, on her own, off her guard, of her own.

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