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elsewhere - 37 results
Other synonyms:

remote, abroad, somewhere, not under consideration, removed, in another place, subsequently, anywhere, not here, all over the place, outside, all-over, systemic, here, there, and everywhere, hence, formerly, the length and breadth of something, to some other place, wherever, in some other place, everywhere.

Examples of usage:

He felt that he would be happier elsewhere. - "A Damsel in Distress", Pelham Grenville Wodehouse.

Death at Schloss Szolnok could be no worse than death elsewhere. - "The Secret Witness", George Gibbs.

That this kind of thing was far less common in England than elsewhere, we have Froissart's and other evidence; but that it was far too common even in Chaucer's England there is no room whatever to doubt. - "Chaucer and His England", G. G. Coulton.

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and elsewhere.

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