Synonyms for Crippling:


all (adjective)
incapacitating, disabling.
hindering (adjective)
impeding, frustrating, Snarling, thwarting, inhibiting, Cramping, Fouling, congesting, Snagging, Entangling, restricting, Tangling, baffling, Delaying, choking, Encumbering, Detaining, blocking, Deterring, Damming, Restraining, Complicating, Crimping, burdensome, Resisting, Entrapping, Clogging, hindering, constipating, Handicapping, bottleneck, Obstructing, constraining.


agonizing, burning, agonising, bad, angry, chapped, achy. autoimmune, communicable, chronic, benign, asymptomatic, clinical, congenital, advanced, acute. disruptive, problematic, fraught, embarrassing, difficult, invidious, troublesome, contentious, adverse. crippling (noun)
disabling, unhealthful, incapacitating.


disabling (verb)
Benumbing, hindering, Hampering, stupefying, Abrogating, deadening, Neutralizing, Hamstringing, Handicapping, enfeebling, disarming, invalidating, stunning, disabling, Dulling, screwing up, Hobbling, Botching, Paralyzing, Scotching, weakening, anesthetizing, tampering, incapacitating, Impairing, Vitiating, undermining, Laming, Sapping, Cramping, Prostrating.
hindering (verb)
opposing, braking, fettering, Staying, bottlenecking, catching, barring, Checking, dragging, countering, Miring, Interrupting, curbing, Bunging, Plugging, Burdening, stopping, jamming.

Other synonyms:

agonizing, achy, angry, agonising, chapped. burning, acute. bad. Other relevant words:
angry, unhealthful, difficult.

Usage examples for crippling

  1. And so I tell you, taking our data simply from these reports and not counting on any more organized strength than they show, we have today got the means of cutting and crippling for a week at least, the movements of troops to Niagara. – The Air Trust by George Allan England
  2. At length his resolution to strike a crippling blow, and, if possible, to do it without bloodshed, was taken. – The Romance of Old New England Rooftrees by Mary Caroline Crawford