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psychosomatic - 22 results
Other synonyms:

chronic, analysis, aversion therapy, neurotic, couch, analyst, congenital, advanced, catching, autoimmune, analyze, consciousness, collective unconscious, acute, communicable, analyse, benign, psychoneurotic, asymptomatic, clinical, free association, ego.

Examples of usage:

I have had large numbers of undiagnosable people that suffer greatly but who medical doctors can find nothing wrong with and label psychosomatic. - "How and When to Be Your Own Doctor", Dr. Isabelle A. Moser with Steve Solomon.

Seems to be a psychosomatic nightmare down there. - "Mate in Two Moves", Winston Marks.

They penetrated into you and found out what you were feeling and emoting, and then they broadcast it to other closeby Skins, which then projected their hosts' psychosomatic responses. - "Rastignac the Devil", Philip José Farmer.

Similar words:

psychoanalytic, Psychogalvanic Response, psychotropic, psychotic, psychotic belief, psychotic person, psychiatric, Psychodelic Drug, psychiatric hospital.

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