Synonyms for Mezzanine:


downstairs, basement, balcony, floor, lower ground floor, ground floor, gallery, intermediate floor, the first floor, loft, attic, level. balcony (noun)
floor (noun)
basement, downstairs.
mezzanine (noun)
first balcony, mezzanine floor, balcony.

Other synonyms:

floor. gallery
Other relevant words:
basement, balcony, floor, gallery, level, attic, ground floor, loft.

Usage examples for mezzanine

  1. He strolled on, innocent and unsuspecting, and the two hundred and twenty- four white boy angels in the ceiling smiled their bland and placid smiles at him, and Peter knew no more than they what complications fate had prepared for him on that mezzanine floor! – 100%: The Story of a Patriot by Upton Sinclair