Synonyms for Asthmatic:


all (adjective)
wheezing, wheezy.
breathless (adjective)


consumptive, bed-blocker, amnesiac, the critical list, case, depressive, agoraphobe. anorexic, dehydrated, concussed, brain dead, anaemic, diabetic, agoraphobic, arthritic, anemic. asthmatic (noun)
wheezing, unhealthy, wheezy.

Other synonyms:

arthritic, the critical list, agoraphobic, brain dead, agoraphobe, bed-blocker, amnesiac, consumptive, anemic, concussed. dehydrated, diabetic, depressive, anorexic. case. Other relevant words:
case, bed-blocker, agoraphobic, consumptive, concussed, agoraphobe, anorexic, dehydrated, brain dead, diabetic.

Usage examples for asthmatic

  1. He used to have to bring his wife with him whenever he came to see me for he lived out in one of the neighboring towns, because he was so afraid that he might get an asthmatic attack that would overcome him and he would feel helpless without some one to aid him. – Health Through Will Power by James J. Walsh
  2. Then he caught the sound of a laugh from lips he had not heard laugh like that for a year- a chuckling, delighted laugh, only slightly asthmatic and wholly unrestrained. – Red Pepper Burns by Grace S. Richmond