Synonyms for Pie:


lamb, cottage, flaky pastry, phyllo, blueberry, ice cream, cherry, raspberry, Boston cream, pasty, cobbler, pork, lemon meringue, flan, peach, Mince-meat, strawberry, apricot, coconut cream, pecan, rice custard, custard, chocolate, gooseberry, chocolate cream, mince pie, mince, chiffon, key lime, choux pastry, raisin, crust, apple pie, black bottom, fish, turkey, steak-and-kidney, rhubarb, caramel nut, blackberry, pumpkin, pastry, orange, beef, huckleberry, pear, prune, banana cream. crepe, couscous, cutlet, chili con carne, chicken-fried steak, dumpling, egg, croquette. communication (noun)
Proto-indo European.
dessert (noun)
pastry, ice cream.
food (noun)
egg roll, burrito, pasta, salad, spaghetti, main course, taco, spring roll, macaroni and cheese, tomato soup, stir fry, dessert, ravioli, fried eggs, Meat Loaf, hamburger, sandwich, casserole, poached eggs, leftovers, jambalaya, stew, tortellini, Irish Stew, macaroni, quiche, Chow Mein, boiled eggs, lasagne, soup, goulash, soft boiled eggs, course, Scrambled eggs, dish, hors d'oeuvre, eggs, fondue, peanut butter sandwich, cannelloni, pizza, chicken soup, side dish, flapjacks, omelette, ragout, hard boiled eggs, pancakes, enchilada.
pastry (noun)
pie (noun)
Proto-indo European.
stew (noun)
soup, goulash.
sweets (noun)

Other synonyms:

pastry. Other relevant words:
gooseberry, crust, cobbler, mince pie, beef, pecan, cottage, orange, apricot, fish, croquette, phyllo, pasty, cherry, prune, turkey, pastry, raspberry, strawberry, huckleberry, pear, dumpling, pork, raisin, custard, flan, couscous, blueberry, rhubarb, cutlet, crepe, blackberry, chiffon, pumpkin, chocolate, egg, Proto-indo European, peach, mince, lamb.

Usage examples for pie

  1. You'll keep your mouth shut, and hold your finger out of this pie before you git it burnt! – The Rustler of Wind River by G. W. Ogden
  2. Cool, pale, sweet, all white now, armed cap- a- pie with indifference, she looked at me as formally as though I were a remote acquaintance. – 54-40 or Fight by Emerson Hough
  3. I was angry with the girl for putting her finger into our pie – It Happened in Egypt by C. N. Williamson A. M. Williamson