Synonyms for Domesticated:


all (adjective)
tame (adjective)
trained, housebroken, tamed.


best-of-breed, anthropoid, androgynous, Caged, amphibious, aquatic, articulate, captive, asexual, arboreal. elbow grease, house husband, cleaning, homemaker, housekeeping, housework, KP, cleanliness. domesticated (noun)
tamed, domestic, tame.


managed animals (verb)
Wrangled, groomed, housebroke, tamed, Farmed, housebroken, Herded, broke, Bred, trained, broken, ranched.

Other synonyms:

homemaker, cleaning, KP, elbow grease, housework, cleanliness, house husband. housekeeping. Other relevant words:
best-of-breed, aquatic, domestic, captive, arboreal, anthropoid, housekeeping, asexual, cleanliness, KP, amphibious, homemaker, cleaning, housework, Caged, tame, articulate, androgynous.

Usage examples for domesticated

  1. The thrushes seem half- domesticated here; they are tame, too, in the hedges, and will sit and sing on a bough overhead without fear while you wait for a rabbit on the bank beneath. – Wild Life in a Southern County by Richard Jefferies
  2. It was a kind of unofficial club and home, not for Friendly Girls, nor the comparatively subdued and domesticated slavery of common life, but for the tameless tribes of young women of the metropolis. – The Mark Of Cain by Andrew Lang
  3. No doubt the skins of the animals they domesticated and of those they hunted provided them with some form of covering, at any rate in countries where it was needed. – Rough Stone Monuments and Their Builders by T. Eric Peet