Synonyms for Rejecting:


repulsive (adjective)
repelling, Spurning, Snubbing, Rebuffing, repulsive.


denial (noun)


annulling (verb)
Nullifying, Annulling, obliterating, undoing, Effacing, Retracting, Refuting, Neutralizing, Vetoing, extinguishing, Deleting, Repudiating, invalidating, disaffirming, dissolving, Destroying, Abnegating, Abolishing, Revoking, Disavowing, negating, Divorcing, Eradicating.
disagreeing (verb)
conflicting, dissenting, disagreeing, clashing, Disputing, differing, Demurring, complaining, bickering, challenging, arguing, colliding, Objecting, antagonizing, opposing, Defying, contending.
excluding (verb)
forbidding, Proscribing, Ignoring, disqualifying, Amputating, Prohibiting, banning.
prohibiting (verb)
restricting, curbing, blocking, Refusing, Suppressing, Outlawing, controlling, inhibiting, Preventing, Precluding, constraining, Oppressing, Restraining.
refusing (verb)
declining, Disinclining, Disdaining.
rejecting (verb)
Chopping, Excising, exuding, venting, draining, Evacuating, seeping, vomiting, excreting, Excluding, barring, Trashing, Sniping, Spewing, Blackballing, jettisoning, emitting, exhausting, Jilting, Abandoning, erupting, Checking, Secreting, Discharging, Eliminating, shearing, Cropping, Ejecting, deep-sixing, cutting, belching, Lopping, Ejaculating, Disclaiming, disapproving, Culling, blacklisting, shedding, Discarding, junking, Disgorging, Curtailing, clipping, Disallowing, Oppugning, Denying.
repulsing (verb)
Repulsing, cold-shouldering, Spurning, Rebuffing, Snubbing, brushing off, repelling.
resigning (verb)
Abdicating, Renouncing, Surrendering, retiring, Discontinuing, Vacating, Terminating, withdrawing, accepting, relinquishing, Ceasing, Resigning.
ridding (verb)
leaving, Canceling, Dispelling, Dismissing, Waiving, disowning, casting off, dropping, forsaking, parting with, Ridding, relegating, Deserting, letting go, forgoing, releasing, Capitulating, Disposing.
secluding (verb)
Expatriating, Disbarring, Separating, Excommunicating, Secluding, Exiling, Evicting, Extirpating, screening, Insulating, Closeting, confining, isolating, Detaching, alienating, Ostracizing, Segregating, Sequestering, Banishing, cordoning, expelling, Deporting, Boycotting, Extraditing, Removing, ousting, Cloistering.

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Usage examples for Rejecting

  1. On the authority of the words 'I have set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, ' which seemed to him a sufficient basis for his Paramount Right, he gave sentence rejecting the whole contents of the Charter; he suspended Stephen Langton, excommunicated the barons and the citizens of London, as the true authors of this perverse act, and forbade the King under pain of excommunication to observe the Charter which he had put forth. – A History of England Principally in the Seventeenth Century, Volume I (of 6) by Leopold von Ranke
  2. St. Kieran had already started an abbey on an island in Lough Ree, but grew dissatisfied with it, for some reason, and he and eight companions got on board a boat and floated down the river, rejecting this place and that as not suited to their purpose, and finally reaching this sloping meadow, where their leader bade them stop. – The Charm of Ireland by Burton Egbert Stevenson
  3. The kings of Israel were far from rejecting it; but still, how difficult soever it may appear, they found out an interpretation by which they evaded the application of it to their institution. – Christology of the Old Testament: And a Commentary on the Messianic Predictions, v. 1 by Ernst Wilhelm Hengstenberg