Synonyms for Wade:


dunk, paddle, go down, go under, splash, submerge, carry, duck, swim, sink. enter, dive, plunge, lunge. tackle, work, go at, attack, sail in. slop, trudge, toil, slog, plod, move. Wade (noun)
Virginia Wade.
person (noun)
Virginia Wade.
wade (noun)
Virginia Wade.


plod, often through water (verb)
paddle, splash, tackle, attack, toil.

Other synonyms:

plod, trudge, slog. toil. slop. Other relevant words:
enter, plunge, submerge, carry, lunge, slop, splash, plod, move, slog, toil, attack, dive, work, paddle, sink, dunk, tackle, duck, trudge, swim.

Usage examples for wade

  1. Hugh, will you come watch me wade in the brook? – Rainbow Hill by Josephine Lawrence
  2. Has Denzil spoken to you of Mrs. Wade – Denzil Quarrier by George Gissing
  3. There we were obliged to stay, for we could not force the boat off, nor could we wade to the shore through that mud. – The Bad Family and Other Stories by Mrs. Fenwick