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commiseration - 48 results
Other synonyms:

poignancy, humanity, aw, I don't envy you/him etc., sentiment, (oh,) what a shame, affinity, softheartedness, I know, feeling, condolence, someone's heart goes out to someone, pathos, study at pity, kindheartedness, warmheartedness, feeling, charity, empathy, understanding, kindliness, bigheartedness, you can't win them all/(you) win some, (you) lose some, pity, too bad, I know the feeling, shame, condolences, largeheartedness, good-heartedness, kindness, someone's heart/sympathy/thoughts go out to someone, bless him/her/them, Ruth.

Examples of usage:

The young people- and a very large family they made of sons and daughters, twelve in number- were objects of interest and commiseration to all who knew them, while the worthless father was justly held in contempt and detestation. - "Roughing it in the Bush", Susanna Moodie.

His hands trembled with agitation; he even looked weakened as he sank into his chair, We regarded him with commiseration. - "Esmeralda", Frances Hodgson Burnett.

This sympathetic feeling may cover a wide range- pity, commiseration, friendship, admiration, devotion, adoration. - "Heart and Soul", Victor Mapes (AKA Maveric Post).

Similar words:

speech communication, spoken communication, psychical communication, psychic communication, phatic communication, oral communication, nuclear regulatory commission, out of commission, securities and exchange commission, price competition.

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