Synonyms for Stops:


act (noun)
michigan, chicago, Boodle, newmarket.
hindrances (noun)
obstructions, complications, drawbacks, restraints, Frustrations, barriers, encumbrances, disadvantages, blockages, stoppages, entrapments, hurdles, entanglements, cul-de-sacs, impediments, hindrances, Inhibitions, blockades, impasses, restrictions, dampers, deterrents, interruptions, obstacles, constraints, oppositions.
plugs (noun)
valves, stoppers, corks, covers, taps, spigots.
stops (noun)
michigan, chicago, Boodle, newmarket.


closes (verb)
joins, barricades, shuts, seals, locks, bolts, latches, fastens, secures.
ends (verb)
passes away, passes on, accomplishes, expires, wraps up, caps, exits, finalizes, culminates, deceases, closes, ends, concludes, finishes, Dies, winds up, checkmates, terminates, completes, halts.
gives up (verb)
discontinues, relinquishes, gives up, surrenders, resigns, quits, desists, withdraws, ceases, abandons.
hinders (verb)
impairs, brakes, snags, Delays, deters, impedes, hampers, detains, inhibits, hamstrings, bottlenecks, clogs, plugs, obstructs, entangles, complicates, restrains, checks, jams, fetters, handicaps, snarls, interrupts, stays, fouls, mires, entraps, bars, crimps, thwarts, curbs, congests, Cramps, constrains, encumbers, blocks, bungs, paralyzes, opposes, restricts, cripples, hinders, drags, burdens, frustrates, chokes, baffles, counters, resists, tangles, dams, constipates, catches.
interrupts (verb)
breaks, reprieves, recesses, pauses, postpones, suspends, relieves.
plugs (verb)
corks, plugs, covers, closes, taps, bungs.
stagnates (verb)
immobilizes, idles, stagnates, stills, Rests, hibernates.
stops (verb)
holds, freezes.

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Other relevant words:
michigan, chicago, Boodle, newmarket.

Usage examples for stops

  1. They stops when he stops but when he starts again they're right after him. – Shorty McCabe by Sewell Ford
  2. If he stops eating to smoke, he laughs again. – The New Book Of Martyrs by Georges Duhamel
  3. I can't seem to sleep any when the boat stops – Humorous Ghost Stories by Dorothy Scarborough