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oceans (noun)

deeps, brines, oceans, mains.

Examples of usage:

Their service does not compel them to aid you beyond the seas. - "Harold, Book 10. The Last Of The Saxon Kings", Edward Bulwer-Lytton.

Then great fear came into the hearts of the people, for the fierce Datto was the terror of the eastern seas, and all the southern islands were reported captured. - "Philippine Folklore Stories", John Maurice Miller.

Even of the humblest shell- fish, the Brachiopods, no new species common to the Cretaceous and recent seas has yet been met with. - "The Student's Elements of Geology", Sir Charles Lyell.

Similar words:

sea aster, sea bass, sea bird, sea biscuit, sea bottom, sea captain, sea chantey, Sea Cole, sea cow, sea cradle.

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