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redeemer - 53 results
deity (noun)

Trinity, hero, deity, idol, muse, Holy Ghost, salvation, omnipotence, all-powerful, Son of Man, Almighty, Jesus, Lamb of God, inspiration, God, Lord, King of the Jews, Prince of Peace, Jesu, heroine, Providence, absolute, Savior, infinite, creator, maker, goddess, demigod, Jehovah, divinity, omniscience, judge, godhead, Jesus Christ, Son of God, King of Kings, dieu, Messiah, Christ.

Other synonyms:

Jesus, saver, the Nazarene, saviour, liberator, deliverer, Savior, delivery boy, Jesus of Nazareth, rescuer, Christ, Jesus Christ, deliveryman, Good Shepherd.

Examples of usage:

It has been brought forward by men of talents and erudition as an insuperable barrier against Universal Salvation, and their several adherents have taken it for granted, that it can never be explained in harmony with the sentiment, that all men shall eventually obtain eternal life through the Redeemer of men. - "Twenty-Four Short Sermons On The Doctrine Of Universal Salvation", John Bovee Dods.

Death the king of terrors, was not yet disarmed of his sting by the resurrection of our triumphant Redeemer. - "Twenty-Four Short Sermons On The Doctrine Of Universal Salvation", John Bovee Dods.

If an able painter, I would strive to represent our Redeemer, as I could fancy that He appeared in the scene to which I have referred. - "Papers from Overlook-House", Casper Almore.

Similar words:

redeemed, redeemers, redeems, redeem, redheader, reddened, redeeming, reducer.

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