Synonyms for Handiwork:


feat, the fruit/fruits of something, a feather in your cap, conquest, design, invention, manual effort, embroidery, creation, summit, Doing, needlework, accomplishment, achievement, workmanship, realization, attainment. course, activity, move, demonstration, act, action, operation, venture, deed. handiwork (noun)
handicraft, handcraft, handwork.
manual labor (noun)
personal work (noun)
handicraft, creation, design, Doing, invention, handwork, workmanship.
workmanship (noun)

Other synonyms:

conquest, realization, feat, summit, achievement, attainment. action, accomplishment, operation. craftsmanship
Other relevant words:
achievement, move, needlework, embroidery, realization, summit, action, course, demonstration, feat, venture, deed, act, conquest, workmanship, creation, attainment, operation, invention, accomplishment, activity, Doing, design.

Usage examples for handiwork

  1. Until you recognise the fact that such beings as I have indicated do actually inhabit the earth and cover the sea with their handiwork until you consider the tremendous fact that your world's work is done by heroes, and not by politicians and commercial travellers, that, in short, your intellectual Frankensteins have made a million- brained monster whom you cannot, dare not destroy, your drama will not be a living force. – An Ocean Tramp by William McFee
  2. Watch him long enough to see what we have described, and you will allow that circumstances- which often produce remarkable men from nature's ordinary handiwork have produced one such here. – From-Twice-Told-Tales by Hawthorne, Nathaniel