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bookstore - 9 results
Other synonyms:

bakeshop, antique shop, beauty salon, beauty parlor, barbershop, book club, bookshop, big-box store, bookstall.

Examples of usage:

He found the right bookstore, and his dollar was duly exchanged for a second- hand Virgil, a good deal worn, and a dictionary, which had likewise seen its best days; and that was not saying much; for it was of very bad paper and in most miserable little type. - "Hills of the Shatemuc", Susan Warner.

We pick up our interest in art and woman's suffrage and cheap trips to Europe and Dante's Inferno; the Shakespeare Club is revived, the bookstore sells its copy of Browning, and the tone of the afternoon teas goes up about two hundred per cent. - "Homeburg Memories", George Helgesen Fitch.

When I hear her say that she's got a job in a bookstore, I'll know she's cured. - "The Haunted Bookshop", Christopher Morley.

Similar words:

bookstall, bookworm, bookshop, booklover, bookplate, booklouse, takeoff booster, morale booster, common booklouse.

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