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bakeshop - 11 results
Other synonyms:

beauty parlor, bakehouse, bookshop, antique shop, big-box store, barbershop, bookstore, bookstall, book club, beauty salon, bakery.

Examples of usage:

Nine thousand Amsterdam Avenue was a drug store sidled in between a bakeshop that six days a week poured forth sweet hot breath, and an undertaking establishment with a white- satin infant's coffin de luxe tilted in the window. - "Star-Dust A Story of an American Girl", Fannie Hurst.

Everyone knows the story of how he landed there, with only a few pennies in his pocket, but with a sublime confidence in his ability to make more; how he proceeded to the nearest bakeshop, asked for three pennies' worth of bread, and when he was given three loaves, took them rather than reveal his ignorance by confessing that he really wanted only one loaf, and walked up Market street, with a loaf under each arm, and eating the third. - "American Men of Action", Burton E. Stevenson.

The cress had gone a handful at a time with the other things, and she had some of it for her own dinner, with bread from the bakeshop and some cold meat which Goody Collins, her neighbor on the other side, had sent for. - "In the Days of the Guild", Louise Lamprey.

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