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neurotic - 97 results
lunatic (adjective)

crazy, mad, crackpot, kooky, nutty, psychotic, fiendish, lunatic.

Examples of usage:

A neurotic man, his tissues trembling, his sensibilities aflame, the offspring of a nation doomed to pain and partition, it was quite natural for him to go to France- Poland had ever been her historical client- the France that overheated all Europe. - "Chopin: The Man and His Music", James Huneker.

Shakespeare had many of the weaknesses of the neurotic and artistic temperament, but he had assuredly the noblest virtues of it: he was true to his friends, and more than generous to their merits. - "The Man Shakespeare", Frank Harris.

Sir James was liable to the irritable changes of mood that would nowadays be called neurotic or highly strung, but was in his young days merely put down as bad temper. - "The Twelfth Hour", Ada Leverson.

Similar words:

neuronic, neurosis, phobic neurosis, neuroglia, neurologic, neuronal, neuroleptic, neuroleptic agent, neuroleptic drug.

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