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ostrich - 125 results
bird (noun)

hawk, macaw, loon, redwing, sparrow, blue jay, egret, lark, yellowbird, plover, pheasant, magpie, cockatoo, myna, road runner, horned owl, waxwing, teal, crested jay, buzzard, raven, booby, dodo, puffin, pelican, wren, parrot, rook, swallow, oriole, quetzal, crow, redbird, bird, flamingo, canary, harrier, turkey, mourning dove, squab, bluebird, chickadee, jay, stork, osprey, sheldrake, gull, eagle, turtledove, kingfisher, starling, penguin, swift, mallard, tern, cormorant, cardinal, blackbird, sandpiper, grackle, spoonbill, peregrine, emu, vulture, jackdaw, peacock, duck, partridge, bittern, songbird, grosbeak, robin, lovebird, albatross, ibis, grouse, hummingbird, mockingbird, goose, goldfinch, condor, ringtail, falcon, swan, cuckoo, cassowary, curlew, Canada goose, bullfinch, nightingale, weaver, barn owl, parakeet, bluebill, snipe, nuthatch, sea gull, pigeon, thrush, owl, finch, bald eagle, woodpecker, crane, coot, dove, tit, heron.

Other synonyms:

budgie, wink at, Struthio Camelus, ignore, look the other way, pass over, bluejay, overlook, bantam, play/act dumb, bird of paradise, gloss over, bobwhite, budgerigar, turn a blind eye (to something), sweep aside, connive.

Examples of usage:

Though their size may be intimidating, ostrich eggs are surprisingly easy to cook.

But put yourself into competition with a girl friend baking a swell layer cake, calculated to disturb the digestion of an ostrich. - "The Son of his Father", Ridgwell Cullum.

Never, from that time to this, has any ostrich been able to fly. - "Rataplan", Ellen Velvin.

Similar words:

ostrich fern, Ostriches, ostracod, Pinnotheres Ostreum.

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