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divisional - 36 results
Other synonyms:

department, division, customer services, departmental, back office, dividing, acquisitions, branch, arm, disjunctive, fractional, desk.

Examples of usage:

They took us, the officers of the divisional staff, to a hut, where we were offered our choice of tea or a wee hauf yin. - "A Minstrel In France", Harry Lauder.

Forty- eight hours ago I'd never heard of you, then the Chief gave me a telegram to send to your Divisional General summoning you home, after that he told me that we were to work together, and a few hours later I run into you in Nur- el- Din's dressing- room... - "Okewood of the Secret Service", Valentine Williams.

It also decides those which have been heard in one of its divisions and in which the divisional court is in favor of reversing the judgment appealed from. - "The American Judiciary", Simeon E. Baldwin, LLD.

Similar words:

sales division, territorial division, reduction division, Division Gymnospermophyta, Division Heterokontophyta, Division Lichenes, Division Magnoliophyta, diversionary, diversionary attack, diversion.

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