Synonyms for Eradication:


keep, liquidation, clearance, riddance, purge. help, extinction, make. annulment (noun)
dismissal, abolishment, neutralization, nullification, deletion, dissolution, abolition, withdrawal, revocation, destruction, abnegation, negation, disavowal, cancellation, obliteration, undoing, refutation, divorce, Extinguishment, invalidation, retraction, annulment, Disaffirmation, Disclamation.
destruction (noun)
decimation, extirpation, holocaust, vaporization, disintegration, extermination, desolation, devastation, annihilation, wreckage.
eradication (noun)
event (noun)
exclusion (noun)
deportation, exile, boycott, banishment, amputation, excommunication, excision, removal, ban, prohibition, ostracism, abscission, proscription, expatriation, forbiddance, disbarment, relegation, renouncement, extradition.
extermination (noun)
destruction, annihilation, elimination.
extraction (noun)
excavation, deracination, Evulsion, extraction, Evolvement, drawing, extrication.
obliteration (noun)
erasure, censorship, expurgation.
rejection (noun)
ejection, denial, rejection, elimination, disapproval, curtailment, Blackballing, exclusion, Disallowance, expulsion, blacklisting, abandonment, repudiation.
seclusion (noun)
confinement, anonymity, captivity, apartheid, isolation, alienation, loneliness, aloofness, separation, seclusion, detachment, standoffishness, solitude, segregation, misanthropy, aloneness, Reclusion, xenophobia.

Other synonyms:

liquidation. extinction. clearance, riddance. elimination
Other relevant words:
help, extinction, purge, liquidation, riddance, clearance, make, keep.

Usage examples for eradication

  1. I've listened to the Bludlip Courtenay woman's enthusiastic description of a new specific for the eradication of wrinkles and crowsfeet. – God's Good Man by Marie Corelli