Synonyms for Aggressor:


active duty, battle cry, Beleaguered, bombed-out, black out, air cover, belligerent, active service. attack, Assailer. aggressor (noun)
attacker, assaulter, assailant.
assailant (noun)
invader, offender.
attacker (noun)
assailant, invader.
person (noun)
attacker, assaulter, assailant.

Other synonyms:

bombed-out, active duty, Beleaguered, Assailer, belligerent, black out, active service. air cover. Other relevant words:
Assailer, Beleaguered, offender, invader, assailant, belligerent, bombed-out.

Usage examples for aggressor

  1. The boy had recognized his aggressor and after his first galvanic shock, struggled like a little hero to free himself, and at last succeeded by an artful spring. – The Midnight Queen by May Agnes Fleming
  2. Such an admission would mean, in other words, that one of the parties openly admitted that it was an aggressor – The Geneva Protocol by David Hunter Miller