Synonyms for Caterwauling:


shrill (adjective)
hoarse, penetrating, squealing, screeching, piercing, squeaky, shrieking, raucous, creaky, jangling, whistling, harsh, scratching, acute, whining, high-pitched, treble, shrill, rasping, scraping, screaming, reedy, jarring, strident, cutting, grating, ear-piercing.


screaming (verb)
creaking, squeaking.

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Usage examples for Caterwauling

  1. Isabelle and her maid withdrew from the balcony, without taking any further notice of the valiant Matamore; but he, undaunted, wishing to play the lover after the most approved fashion, plants himself resolutely under her window and sends Scapin to fetch a guitar; upon which he thrums awkwardly for a while, and then accompanies it with his voice, in an attempt at a Spanish love song, which sounds much like the nocturnal caterwauling of a disconsolate tabby than anything else we can compare it to. – Captain Fracasse by Theophile Gautier
  2. One evening the Captain heard a fine caterwauling and drum beating over in the quarters, and sallied forth to investigate. – The Killer by Stewart Edward White