Synonyms for Comedian:


act, cast, conjurer, artist, artiste, acrobat. creep, (the) scum of the earth, jokester, know-all, quipster, public nuisance, yob, vermin, laughter, public enemy number one, horror, farceur, loudmouth, zany. comedian (noun)
comic, clown, entertainer, humorist, wag, joker, wit.
comic (noun)
comedienne, entertainer.
funny person, often professional (noun)
comic, joker, actor, jester, clown, jokester, card, humorist, wag, quipster, zany, entertainer, wit, farceur, cutup.
humorist (noun)
columnist, jester, joker, playwright, scriptwriter, copywriter, belletrist, dramatist, cutup, buffoon, actor, prankster, gagman, card, wag, comic, essayist, clown, word smith, writer, wit, Banterer, funnyman, punster, author, humorist.
person (noun)
scream (noun)
zany (noun)

Other synonyms:

artiste, conjurer, acrobat, farceur, cast, entertainer, comedienne, quipster, jokester, artist. act. zany. Other relevant words:
cast, conjurer, jokester, yob, vermin, loudmouth, zany, comedienne, acrobat, act, quipster, entertainer, know-all, artist, creep, laughter, artiste, farceur, horror.

Usage examples for comedian

  1. You may know that comedian – The George Sand-Gustave Flaubert Letters by George Sand, Gustave Flaubert Translated by A.L. McKensie
  2. The comedian who preceded Mr. Mackwayte and who was on the stage at that moment had said, Hullo, Mac! – Okewood of the Secret Service by Valentine Williams
  3. He was a son of Sir Robert Liston, and cousin of the celebrated comedian between whom and himself, however, there certainly was no family likeness, Liston, the surgeon, being one of the handsomest persons I ever saw. – Records of a Girlhood by Frances Ann Kemble