Synonyms for Vessel:


container, guts, cavity, organ, innards, apparatus, pitcher, organic, chamber, kettle, entrails, urn, part. cockleshell, bulk carrier, coracle, Bowser, carrier, craft, canal boat. dish, bowl, mixing bowl, finger bowl, canal, artery, plate, salver, vein, capillary, punch bowl, platter, saucer, ramekin. artifact (noun)
boat (noun)
fishing boat, destroyer, cruiser, catamaran, ocean liner, galley, raft, submarine, dory, dugout, liner, motorboat, frigate, ship, sailboat, trawler, canoe, tugboat, steamboat, gunboat, scow, rowboat, schooner, aircraft carrier, cabin cruiser, Bateau, skiff, bark, longboat, lifeboat, merchantman, barge, hulk, kayak, paddle boat, cargo boat, scull, boat, houseboat, icebreaker, dinghy, sampan, cutter, tanker, battleship, speedboat, ferry, hydrofoil, gondola, pontoon, freighter, yacht, watercraft.
container, bowl (noun)
urn, kettle, pitcher.
receptacle (noun)
ship (noun)
ocean liner, liner, Bateau, bark, craft, barge, boat, tanker.
vessel (noun)
vas, watercraft.

Other synonyms:

pitcher. vein. dish
Other relevant words:
capillary, container, bowl, kettle, craft, artery, vas, pitcher, canal, dish, carrier, vein, urn.

Usage examples for vessel

  1. The long, cigar- like vessel trembled under the increased power. – On Land And Sea At The Dardanelles by Thomas Charles Bridges
  2. I cannot leave the vessel – The Red Rover by James Fenimore Cooper
  3. And now I'm going to hope that the vessel will come sailing in with a big load of luck on board. – Princess Polly At Play by Amy Brooks