Synonyms for Seaworthy:


fit for sea (adjective)
navigable, safe, secure.
nautical (adjective)
maritime, shipshape, sea-going, square-rigged, nautical, seafaring, naval, sailorly, marine.


heavy, flex-fuel, motor, secure, navigable, amphibious, express, armored, safe, vehicular, roadworthy, automotive. seaworthy (noun)
fitted out, equipped, watertight, caulked, leakproof.

Other synonyms:

motor, armored, automotive, vehicular, flex-fuel, roadworthy. amphibious. express. Other relevant words:
motor, secure, vehicular, leakproof, watertight, express, navigable, flex-fuel, equipped, safe, caulked.

Usage examples for seaworthy

  1. She is perfectly seaworthy and although an old boat, is by no means a bad one. – The Second String by Nat Gould