Synonyms for Nihility:


absence, nothing. nonexistence (noun)
barrenness, meaninglessness, naught, nil, nonentity, null, vacuousness, void, non-subsistence.
nothingness (noun)
nonexistence, nothing.
unsubstantiality (noun)
apparition, cipher, emptiness, immateriality, impalpability, insignificance, intangibility, mirage, nonexistence, nothingness, nullity, phantom, spectre, unreality, vacancy, vacuity, zero, Ethereality, tenuousness.

Other synonyms:

nothing. Other relevant words:
absence, nothing.

Usage examples for Nihility

  1. Out of those eyes and that long, thin face stared death; not hot, sudden death, but nihility cool, deliberate, that waited for one! – A Breath of Prairie and other stories by Will Lillibridge