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early (adjective)

promptly, early.

Other synonyms:

willingly, apace, at the earliest/first opportunity, close, fain, forthwith, in the short run/term, curtly, quickly, quick, lickety-split, just, full tilt, chop-chop, presto, rapidly, concisely, briskly, pronto, short, by and by, any day/moment etc. now, readily, hastily, fleetly, swiftly, currently, preferably, swift, around the corner, momentarily, snappily, hell-for-leather, double-quick, someday, in brief, briefly, posthaste, imminent, hot, first, in no time (at all), anon, speedily, in short.

Examples of usage:

Won't you come over soon and see us? - "Frank's Campaign or the Farm and the Camp", Horatio Alger, Jr..

As soon as I have found them I will come back. - "Old Peter's Russian Tales", Arthur Ransome.

That's why I have come again so soon. - "Will Warburton", George Gissing.

Similar words:

soon enough, too soon, soon-to-be, soot, soot black.

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